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Federal Polytechnic Wannune's History

The Strategic Goals of Federal Polytechnic Wannune is to, through Excellence, provide full or part time courses of instruction/training in technology, applied science, commerce and management and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the need of the development of Nigeria in areas of Industrial and agricultural production and for research in the development and adaptation of techniques to satisfy the global human resources market demand and supply of research and innovations that provide practical prognosis to industrial challenges.

As envisioned by the pioneer Rector and Management and the cooperation and dedication of staff, the Federal Polytechnic Wannune would through best practices become the prototype for the 21st Century Polytechnic – a new, and exciting paradigm for affordable, public higher education in science, engineering, and technology of the highest quality; one that is cognizant and respectful of the customary academic enterprise, while fostering and enabling the fast evolving culture of discovery and innovation in the knowledge-driven global digital economy. To fulfil the promise of this exciting new paradigm, the polytechnic has embarked on this inclusive, comprehensive, and fully-engaged process to craft its inaugural orientation training. Summarized here and built on a foundation of professional participation and contribution, this lays out the fundamental tenets of institutional

Our Vision

To become a leading institution in building a technological, innovative, entrepreneurial, research based, skilful and self-reliant manpower that meets global standards

Our Mission

To train human resource that is academically sound, entrepreneurial savvy and highly adaptive to diverse work environments for sustainable technological development, promoting excellence in character and learning